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Upcoming Events

Last updated: 5/25/23

June 17, 2023

Club Meeting

Special guest Kathy Gaughran, "The Story of a J6 Prisoner, Jeff Gaughran". The next day is Father's Day, bring a photo of your father to share, or a photo of a special man in your life (mentor, boss, friend, relative, etc.).

July 1, 2023

American Patriot Pride Rally

If you are angry about what is happening in our country, join us as there will be petitions addressing many grievances. Patriots will want to sign all of them, plus notes of support to J6 prisoners. Wear your pride colors - red, white and blue.

July 6, 2023

An Evening with John Eastman

Dinner and conversation event, "An Evening with John Eastman". John Eastman is one of President Trump's attorneys fighting the stolen 2020 election. For this he has come under relentless "lawfare" attack from the radical left.

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