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"I want to thank the National Federation of Republican Women for your hard work and dedication. You’ve helped elect thousands of Republicans from all across the country.”
Ronald Reagan

What We Stand For


We believe that the education of our children starts, first and foremost, in the home. We encourage parents to be involved in the curriculum being presented in the classroom. We do not believe that the role of education is to indoctrinate our children into becoming social justice warriors.


We have many first generation Americans in our club and believe that legal immigrants play a vital role in the fabric of our country. However, we also believe in keeping law and order in our country, which means that a wall should be erected to keep out illegal immigrants.


We believe that private healthcare is the way to go. The government has no business running our health care.


We believe in keeping our water, streets, and environment clean and pure. However, we do not believe in government over-regulation. 


IWe believe in free enterprise and Capitalism.

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