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Former Member of Bush and Trump Administrations Shares Her Experiences

Too hot to handle for local media to publish.

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At the October meeting of the West Orange County Republican Women Federated (WOCRWF), the club members started the meeting with a prayer for the people of Israel. Each month, the meeting features a top-quality keynote speaker who inspires and educates. This month’s speaker was Jennifer Korn who worked in both the Bush and Trump administrations.

Ms. Korn, a native of southern California, shared how she became involved in the political process from her early college days from her days in the White House to the projects she is currently supporting. In the Trump administration, Ms. Korn was the Deputy Director and Special Assistant to the President. When asked about what she liked best about working in the Trump administration, she appreciated when President Trump asked his team “How fast can we get it done?”

Ms. Korn has a passion for building coalitions and bringing like-minded individuals from different backgrounds together to create change. On the national level, she has demonstrated her expertise for connecting with volunteers and matching them to communities where they could make a measurable impact on local campaigns.

She encouraged WOCRWF members to keep fighting for their values and for the candidates who represent them best. “Remember, the turbulent time in the 1960s and 1970s that brought us the Reagan years.” Ms. Korn also shared some top level messaging insights for our area and topics that would most likely resonate on a very local level as the members participate in grassroots activities.

Her final reminder as we move into the 2024 election year, was the importance of registering to vote so you can vote in the upcoming primary.

The West Orange County RWF’s next meeting is the third Saturday in November. There will be a keynote speaker and breakfast will be served. At the November meeting, the ladies will be collecting items for the Precious Life Shelter located in Los Alamitos. Precious Life Shelter provides support and services to expectant and new moms.

If you are interested in attending and meeting with like-minded women, contact West Orange County RWF by visiting our website at

The West Orange County Republican Women Federated (WOCRWF) has been serving our communities since 1962. The WOCRWF is part of the California Federation of Republican Women which was founded in 1925 and is a Diamond Award Grassroots club. If you are looking for a Conservative Republican club that is actively engaged in local, county, state and federal politics, this is the club for you.


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